Ep 2: Keyboard Warriors, Saying One Thing But Doing Another, & Mark Twain Quotes

If you’ve been around the internet long enough, you know to avoid the comment section. We slipped up and scrolled through a recent active on retirement and COVID-19. We’ll share the wide range of comments we came across and have a little fun evaluating them. Plus we’ll talk about times you say one thing and do another with your money before pulling Mark Twain quotes that provide a little financial wisdom.
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Show Notes For This Episode

We’re thrilled to have the first full financial episode of the podcast out and we’re starting with a bang. With so much happening in the world right now and a lot on our mind, this show will going to cover a wide range of topics.

That will allow everyone to find something of value or interest to them. Plus it’s going to be a mix of light-hearted conversation and serious financial planning discussion. We’ll kick things off with a trip into the comment section of a recent financial article. Then we’ll talk about places where people will say one thing but do another with their money. And finally, we’re pulling some of the best Mark Twain quotes and applying them to planning.

Comments from Keyboard Warriors

Have you ever spent any time scrolling through the comment section of any internet article? It’s a mix of trolls, humor, misinformation, and sometimes useful insight, but it should all be taken with a grain of salt. We recently found an article talking about retirement in the age of COVID-19 and there were a lot of thoughts about the financial future.

Here’s just some of the things we’ll talk about from these comments:

  • Being content with what you have
  • Investment strategy
  • Rebalancing a portfolio
  • Why it’s important to manage your risk
  • Building your personal balance sheet

Do You Say One Thing But Do Another?

If you sat down with a financial advisor and told them about your retirement goals and your philosophy on money, would it line up with your portfolio and the actions you’re taking on a daily basis? We all slip up from time to time, but many people are saying one thing and doing another with their finances. We’re going to identify a few of these common areas of disagreement and explain why it’s important to check yourself.

Mark Twain Quotes

Much wisdom can be found in the writing and the lectures that the great Mark Twain provided us more than 100 years ago. He was widely-regarded as one of the great authors in American history and many of his quotes still apply today. Many of his quotes can provide us guidance with our money and financial planning. Maybe that’s because he was also an entrepreneur? Either way, we have six great quotes that are humorous and insightful.

It’s a full show but we had a lot to get to for the first full episode.  Thanks for checking us out. We hope to talk to you again in a couple of weeks.

Navigating the Show

[0:52] – How we got into the comment section.

[2:01] – 1st comment

[4:25] – 2nd comment

[8:51] – 3rd comment

[13:40] – 4th comment

[16:42] – 5th comment

[19:17] – 6th two comments

[20:41] – The second topic today – saying one thing, doing another

[21:27] 1st example – Save in small ways but waste money in other ways.

[21:27]2nd example – Saying you have a lower risk tolerance but your portfolio doesn’t reflect that.

[29:18]3rd example – Saying you love your family but haven’t put a plan in place to protect them.

[31:20]4th example – Wanting to retire ASAP but not taking the time to plan for it.

[34:09]Quotes from Mark Twain

[36:52]2nd quote

[38:18]3rd quote

[40:53]4th quote

[42:17]5th quote

[43:22]6th quote

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